Timecop: The Berlin Decision

[Voice Echoing]

It gets harder every time
you go back.

With every jump,
a piece of you gets left behind.

It starts to eat away at you
because you are searching.

Searching for something
that's not there.

Something that was
a part of you.

Something that reality
won't let you have back.

[Watch Ticking]
[Horse Neighing]
I've been holed up in this
cracker box for 30 days now,

doing my time.
I know they're out there
watching my every move,

just waiting,
hoping I'll screw up.

Well, I'm getting tired of it.
A few years ago, the government
decided there was a need...

to verify and preserve
the historical accuracy of time,

in the event
a breach actually occurred.

The truth is they were afraid
they had given T.E.C. too much power.
Wanted to keep us in check.

So they created the Society
for Historical Authenticity.

It was supposed to be strictly
research and observation.

Irony is that they gave Society
way too much power,

and the likes of Brandon Miller was
able to work his way to the top...

something Society
is still trying to put a lid on.

Of course, if I get to one of Brandon
Miller's boys before they do,

it's my collar.
Right, guys?