Timecop: The Berlin Decision

I believe they call this
police brutality.

You bet your ass they do.
No need for violence.

[Grunting Continues]
[Both Gasp]
What in the hell just happened?

- Got it?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Here ya go, take it.
- Yeah. That's it.

What do you plan on doing with all of
Andrew Carnegie's money, Frank?

What are you doing, Ryan?
You guys were right.

One of Miller's boys was in town
after all. See you in 130 years.

Frank Knight, you have been charged
with multiple violations...

of T.E.C. Code 40.8,
subsection nine:

Time travel with intent
to alter the future.

You're also wanted
on an outstanding warrant...

as an accomplice in the murder
of T.E.C. Agent Edwards.

I am a member of the Society
for Historical Authenticity,

and I demand to be brought
before a jury of my peers.

The outstanding murder warrant against
you supercedes the present charges.

You have been found guilty of conspiracy
to commit murder in absentia...