Timecop: The Berlin Decision

and are hereby sentenced to death.
This is a kangaroo court!
You're the murderers!

- Miller was right!
- [Miller's Voice] Sasha!

You're just like Hitler!
You're just like Hitler!

[Electricity Surging]
Date of execution: May 7, 2025.
There are far too many variables,
Mr. Miller, to theorize...

what might have happened historically
had events played out differently.

I'm not theorizing, Professor Chan.
I'm just saying,
if time travel is possible,

we have a moral obligation to
right the wrongs of the past.

[Professor Chan]
So, are you suggesting that...

if it were possible to change
historic events, we should?

[Voice Echoing]
[Voice Echoing]

Ryan? Where have you been all morning?
I've been looking everywhere for you.

- Just around.
- Yeah?

Well, congratulations on nailing
the rest of Miller's guys.

God, that must've been great
watching Frank Knight fry!

I mean, it only took you two years,
but, hey, who's counting, right?

You okay?
Yeah, sure.
Look at that bad boy.

I will never get over how lucky
we are to ride that thing.

Technology at its finest.
You sure you're okay?