Timecop: The Berlin Decision

How the hell did this happen
without me knowing it?

Look. I can't account for every
movement made by our agents
throughout their lives.

What exactly do you do here
all day long, Travis?

I just launch 'em
and retrieve 'em, boss.

They're the ones trained
to interact with the past.

They know that same matter can't
occupy the same space at the same time.

Oh, shit!
Send someone back to stop him
before he meets himself.

An accelerated launch now!
I'm going.
- I thought you wanted a life.
- No. You're not sending him.

He just jumped this morning.
I'm sorry, Ryan.
Broderick, you're up.

You got it, chief.
If Douglas dies here,
he also dies in 1987.

That means every time criminal
he's ever brought in
will never have been arrested.

[Computer Voice]
Sixty second,
accelerated launch.

Probability: 68.3%.
It's a launch, Doc.
Don't you have something to do?

I want this launch in under two minutes.
Do you read me, son?

Loud and clear, boss.
- Jenson, pull up every arrest Douglas made.
- You got it, chief.

This one's gonna be dicey, buddy.
Stick with me tight.

Hamden, Connecticut.

Accelerated launch activation,
T- minus 60 seconds and counting.

Launch activation.
T- minus 60 seconds.

Launch activation.
T- minus 50 seconds.

- [Groaning Continues]
- Hold his head up.

- He's not getting any oxygen!
- T- minus 40 seconds.

T- minus 30 seconds.
- Stay on those vitals, Jenson.
- Yeah, I'm on it.

Vital signs within normal