Timecop: The Berlin Decision

- Where?
- What the fuck?

time launch locations.

These launches are coming out of the
Society for Historical Authenticity.

- What? You sure about that?
- No doubt, sir.

Ryan, you take Jeffers, assemble a team
and find out what's going on over there.

- You got it.
- Travis, you start the re-arrests now.

Yes, sir.

We lost him.
- Can I help you?
- Mary Jeffers?

- Yes.
- I'm looking for your daughter.

- Fredericks, check the vaults!
- Got it.

Samuels, take the offices.
- Jackson, you come with us.
- Yes, sir!

- Jackson, open up those files.
- Right away.

- Hanley and Johnson.
- My God!

I was just talking
to these guys.

If I count right, they got everyone.
The public doesn't know
about the Society, Ryan.
This is an inside job.

- Miller's out.
- No way.

He's 3,000 feet underground
in the world penitentiary.

They blew up the launch space
so we couldn't track them.

Ryan, the Social Security
lineage vaults were broken into.

Let me see that.
The personnel files on the entire T.E.C.
have been accessed and downloaded. Shit!