Timecop: The Berlin Decision

There was a major riot
and prison break two days ago.

- Present status?
- The World Penitentiary
for the Criminally Insane...

is currently in lockdown.
Hostages are being held.
Prisoners are unaccounted for.

Penitentiary still under siege.
I still don't have a lead on Banks.
Banks broke him out of prison.
Lost one.

- Oh, man!
- [Man Screams]

We gotta stop this prison break before
Miller wipes out the entire T.E.C.

- Travis!
- Yeah, boss?

Prepare for another
goddamn accelerated launch.

Ryan, you get your butt
in that seat.

You stop that son of a bitch!
You hear me?

Accelerated launch activation!
T-minus 60 seconds!

Accelerated launch activation.
T- minus 60 seconds.

Here we go.
- You got him?
- Give me his vitals.

Pulse: 47.
Brain waves normal.

Accelerated launch probability:

You got about a 30-minute window
before the prison riot starts.

I wouldn't want to be
in that place when it does.

You do realize the risk of running an
accelerated launch without an exact location?

Just don't land him
in the middle of a wall.

If my space and time telemetry's off, I
could land him on the moon, for Christ's sake.

- Launch him!
- [Computer] Launch activation...

Stand by for watch calibration.
On my mark.

Destination coordinates
are in your system...

Coming up on time cue.
Time sync in... five, four,
three, two, one... mark!
Launch activation,
T- minus 30 seconds.