Timecop: The Berlin Decision

Hey, Ryan, I thought you might
show up here today.

For two years,
in this hole, I've waited.

If only you'd opened your mind
and allowed yourself to think...

beyond the confines of a timecop,
we would be so much further
along by now.

- It's bothered you, hasn't it?
- What's that?

The decision you made in Berlin.
To save Hitler,
kill my wife.

I know.
We both lost something that night.
Part of who we were.
But I tell you what, Ryan,
I'm willing to put all that
aside and move forward...

because what we're dealing with
is much, much bigger than us.

You want me to forget
Berlin ever happened?

Forget about Edwards
and your Sasha? Is that it?

- Yes.
- You are insane.

What's your definition
of insanity, Ryan?

Is it really yours, or is it
just something you've been told?

What do you say
we jump back in time...

to when man first decided to
lock up all those deemed insane?

Don't you want to know
who made that decision?

Don't you want to make sure
they got it right?