Timecop: The Berlin Decision

- He was killed in the war, Ryan.
- What war?

- Good luck.
- O'Rourke, what war?

- Initiating time phase... now.
- [Computer] Time phase...

[Ryan Screaming]
- Where in the hell did you come from?
- Where's Brandon Miller?

- Who?
- Brandon Miller. He's been locked
up here for two years.

I don't know a Brandon Miller,
and I've been here for six years.

As a matter of fact,
who in the hell are you?

[Male Computer Voice]
Stress level seven.

Sorry, kiddo.
You're going out again.

- What happened to your eye?
- What? [Laughs]

He wants to know
what happened to my eye.

Miller just jumped.
September 19, 1881, Springfield, Texas,
wherever the hell that is.

- My family's from Springfield.
- What the hell is your family
doing in Texas in 1881?

The Anderson side... Jason and Rose...
but that's a long story.

You better get your ass back out there.
Prepare for immediate relaunch.

- Oh, no. Not this shit again.
- I've given you a new watch.
If Miller jumps again,

you'll be able to lock on and follow him
as long as you're able to catch his time wake.

The more wake you catch,
the closer you'll be to him.

If you catch the tail end, you'll
be miles apart. Shoot him.

Where's Doc?

Well, you should know, Ryan.
You arrested her for T.E.C.
Code violation 40, section eight.

Time travel with the intent
to alter the future.

She was sentenced to death for trying
to save her husband in the war.

- What war?
- I know you don't want to think about it,
because your parents were killed in it.

My dad died in a bathroom at his university
when I was 11. He had a massive aneurysm.

My mother lives in Georgetown.
I had dinner with her two nights ago.

Miller's altered history
so that he was never arrested.