One can't be above things
and want to transform them.

Let things be as written.
I was transformed. I didn't choose.
That's different.
But you still made a choice.
I'm not sure.
Do you suffer because of
your physique?

That's unimportant.
Not true. That can't be said.
I'm talking about me.
I was from the favela slums.
I always knew my life
would be different from other boys.

But I didn't choose, not even that.
It was there.
It took a lot of work.
It was my own war.
I became a woman, then a whore.
Little boys who become women...
they become whores.
Then a man tore out my eyes.
Now I have a gift.
So I give.
I don't see the wrong in that.
All of you look at me, thinking
it's more, it's a great joy.

But it's a celebration in despair.
No one sees that.

I can't decide.
That's how it is. I decide nothing.
I told you, I decide nothing.
I'm just like that.
Nothing I can do about it.
I live with that. I accept it.
I feel I speak the truth.
The truth is a force.
I told you,
my life changed violently.

Sometimes I feel happy.