Uptown Girls

I love Ingrid
with all my heart

and all her cute
Martha Stewart-wannabe friends,

but it's a real estrogen-fest
over there.

A girl needs a testosterone injection
every once in a while.

Not that I think
of you that way.

You're super-sensitive.
Don't be a silly goose.
Please let me
patronize the arts.

Well, actually...
I just signed a deal
with Schleine Records.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!
Neal, that's incredible!

That's amazing!
Why didn't you say anything?

I would have, but this is
the first time tonight

I've managed
to get a word in edgewise.

So how did you seal the deal?
Ships crossing like ghosts
in the night

Names unremembered,
faces in sight

Take what we can
in need to survive

I know this one.
This is the deep one.

Words exchanging kisses
i i

Leave me scarred,
feeling confused

I'll see what unfolds
Don't hide what I need
Girl, now, I love you so
Sheets of Egyptian cotton
Sheets of Egyptian cotton
Sheets of Egyptian cotton
Sheets of Egyptian cot...
I guess I looked
deep down inside

and...found that inner hook.
You certainly did...
...and that calls for...
...an outer hook to go with it.
What's that?
- Your lucky jacket.