View from the Top

l am relaxed!
Oh! Oh!
We're gonna crash!
Oh, my God!
We're gonna crash!

-Come back here!
-We're gonna crash!

We're gonna crash!
Sit down!
Thank you. Fly with us again.
-Enjoy the sights.

How you doing?
l was terrible.
l couldn't walk.
l spilled the coffee.

l totally freaked out
the passengers.

lt wasn't exactly
a frozen lake up there.

Turbulence is tough.
You'll get the hang of it.

Am l gonna get fired?
-l'm gonna get fired.
-Nobody's getting fired.

You're gonna be a pro.

You're going places.
You think?
l'm a pilot. lt's my job to know
where people are going.

One for you.
Put your seat
in the upright position.

Ma'am, would you put
your tray table up?

To fasten your seat belt,
insert the metal fitting.

Before long, l was flying
full-speed ahead.

l even got my own trainee.

There wasn't a lot to do
on weekends.

There was always tanning
at Lake Havasu.

l can't believe your boyfriend
owns this whole houseboat.

lf you don't marry him,
l am gonna kill you.

First of all, sweetie,
Herb ain't asked me.

Oh, my God!