View from the Top

You dot your l's
with little hearts?

That's so cute.
Yeah, well,
it's my trademark.

That and my hickeys.
Well, a girl's got to have
a skill.

l was excited to be interviewed
by the legendary John Whitney.

He had been with Royalty
a long time.

l'm John Whitney.
Maybe a little too long.
This one.
Head of the Royalty flight-
attendant trainee program.

Tell me, why do you want to work
for Royalty Airlines?

l believe that l have a lot
to offer your airline.

Because the planes are...
They're so much bigger.
Oh. My gum.
Why do you want to work
for Royalty Airlines?

Oh, well...
l've got a lot of answers.
l just got to think
of the right one.

Take your time.
Collect. Gather. Go.

Because l'm organized
and efficient.

l worked for Sierra Airlines,
you know.

l put that down there.
Yeah, right above Hooters.
Right. Oh, yes.
lf there is a task,
l will not stop

until l have completed it

Did l say "organized"?
-Got a question for you.

What's your tolerance level
for pain?

Physical pain.
Like, sexual pain?
Would you consider yourself
a people person?

Oh, definitely.
Big people person.

-Not just big people.
-Not just giants.

-You got it.

To learn and to follow through
with all the tasks.

l'm just gonna say a few words.

Scooby Doo-Doo.
Tectonic plates.
Tectonic plates.
Do you handle surprises well?
Do you handle surprises well?
l scared you, didn't l?
No, no.
lt has always been my dream
to work for the best.