View from the Top

But don't expect an easy road.
No, no, no.
An easy road -- comma --
don't expect one.

l will not hold your hand.
l'm not even gonna touch it.

Now, what l want all of you
to do is to stand up.

Come on. Let's go.
Stand up.

And l want you to look
underneath your seat. Go ahead.

Taped to the bottom,
each of you will find a $1 bill.

Now, what did we learn
from this exercise?

We learned you have to get off
your ass to make a buck.

Thank you.
Now, we don't actually learn
to make bucks here,

but we do learn
to treat our passengers...

:30:48 royalty.
So, shall we get started?
There's an oxygen mask
up above you...

On a hidden shelf.
Before helping the people
who love you,

put it on yourself.
-Excuse me, miss.

This is first class.
l want my hand towels.
l want my little booties.

And l want my warm nuts!
Warm nuts.
Here you go.

You call these warm nuts?
l've felt warmer nuts
on a polar bear!

Stop it!
What did we learn here?
Upon encountering a DP,
or a disgruntled passenger,

take the following steps.
"A" -- Listen.
Two -- Acknowledge.
And "C" -- Explain.
And on a more personal note,
l have actually felt
a polar bear's nuts. Yeah.

Quite toasty warm.
Get those masks on!
There's an oxygen mask up above you
on a hidden shelf.
Before helping the people
who love you...

We learned to keep our heads,
to stay calm, and to not get
freaked out, okay?