View from the Top

Well, what would you do?
Well, l know what l did.
And so do you,
if you read my book.

But, honey, it's your life.
lt's your decision.

Well, l'll call you later.
l've got a flight
back to Cleveland at 4:00.

You said there were two things.
l'll take care of that.
Just skedaddle.
Don't miss that flight.

Okay. Thanks.
Royalty Airlines.
lnternal security, please.

This is Sally Weston.
l'm calling to report a code
blue for Christine Montgomery.

Put a ghost rider
on her next flight.

lf you see any violations,
l want that klepto picked up

as soon as the plane
hits pavement.

-Miss Montgomery?

l have to ask you
to come with me.

Why? Who are you?
Royalty Security.
Please step this way.

Hey, Jensen!
You were right.
l can't believe it.
l'm top of my class.

Oh, my God.
Ted, that is so great.
So get your damn coat on,

We're going out to celebrate.
l have to talk to you.
l flew to Dallas today.
Christine stole my test.

You're kidding.
So they're gonna retest me.
That's great.

When are they doing that?
l got to leave right away.
Okay. Sure.
No problem.

We'll celebrate
when you get back.

The thing is,
if l do well on the test,

l might not be back.
l could get placed
in New York.

That's it?
We don't talk about it?