Washington Heights

Is it popping yet?
- Yeah!
- All right.

By the way, I got a line
on that apartment I told you about.

It's beautiful, man.
You should check it out.

- Where is it at?
- On Ninth Street, between B and C.

Carlos, can I see you a minute?

I've been going over
your drawings.

- What do you think?
- Good.

They remind me a little
of Tommy Cashman.

Tommy Cashman? Holy fuck.
That dude draws some slick shit.

How long have you been
working on these?

About a year. Can you show these
to your friend at Gotham Comics?

I can... but I'm not going to.
But you just said they were good.
So is "The Hulk,"
but I don't have to like it.

Your drawings
are technically fine,

but it just shows that you can
copy well, and they've got no soul.

I've known you for two years,
we've had a hundred conversations-- about

You are a passionate dude
with deep ideas,

so I'm looking at this and thinking,
"ls this all you've got to say?"

Aliens from Jupiter want to enslave
the women of the Earth?

You dumb motheftucker.
Cans go in the blue,
green is for paper.

- What's going on?
- I ain't touching those hands.

How did it go this morning?
David totally dug my shit, man.