Washington Heights

Yeah. About me?
What, Darlene?
You learned that word yesterday?

Fuck you, Darlene,
all right?

- What's up, Angel?
- Pon la luz aquí también.

- Deja la luz.
- This bitch, bro'.

Trying to convince me
she wasn't with some other nigga--

- Can't this wait until later?
- No, it can't wait!

That bitch is trying to take money
out of my fist.

That's it!
Out. Get out!

Wait. Darlene's busting you
for child's support?

She's trying to tell me this Chinese-eyed
motheftucker is my kid.

- Angel: That's bullshit!
- Un plato, and that's it.

Shitty day, man.
How is your kid
in Santo Domingo doing?

What, Junior?
My real kid?

Good, man. I can't wait.
Save my money,

soon as I get my 60 Gs,
getting the fuck outta here.

Go back to the D.R.,
live with him and Carmen.

I'm gonna open me
a bike shop.

Stay with my tío in Baitoa,
just till I get hooked up.
He got a farm, and when you're done
working all day,

you go lay on this hammock,
next to the pond.

You just lay there, bro'.
You let the breeze hit your face.

You're chillin'
with your boxers off,

and the wind
kissing your balls...

Maggie: Darlene is only asking
for 600 a month.

Angel: Guess how much
she's getting? Zero dollars.

The thing of it is,
that bitch rats me out,

I'm as good
as back in lockup.

That's why
I don't trust nobody.

That's why I don't get no mail
at my house,

- I ain't got money in no bank.
- He's got over 40 grand hidden.

- Maggie, what the fuck?!
- Why don't you give Carlos money?

- ¿Tú estás loca?
- As a loan to get back the bodega.

- Maggie!
- This could be a way out of here.

You heard what he said,
he needs that money.

You were gonna give me that money
to open my own space.

Shut the fuck up,
you're family.

Carlos isn't family?
He'll pay you back.

It's my business,
I can take care of it, okay?