Whale Rider

- You shouldn't be smoking.
- Tryin' to give up, aren't I?

- How come you didn't go with your dad?
- I did.

Hmm. For one day.
I would have gone.

When my dad gets out,
I'm gonna go with him.

- Where?
- Wherever. Get outta this dump.

Koro's gonna be pissed off
when he sees you smoking.

No, he won't,
'cause he's not coming.

- Is so.
- No, he's getting the school ready.

What school?
For us fellas, to teach us
the old ways and that.

Probably gonna be stink.
[ Engine Starts ]
- You can come on the bus if you want.
- I'm waiting for Koro.

- But he's not coming.
- I said, ''I'm waiting.''

[ Vehicle Departs ]
- When you're ready.
- When everyone's here, I'll be ready.

They are here.
Those boys have waited half an hour.

You tell her you weren't
going to pick her up?

She could have come
on the bus.

You pick her up every day for years
and she's just supposed to guess?

[ Sighs ]