Where the Red Fern Grows

Is them hounds of yours really as good
as the old man says they are?

My grandpa doesn't lie. Why?
Well, since you're so sure
of yourself, wanna make a bet?

- No.
- What's the matter? You chicken?

(imitates chicken)
No. l just don't wanna.
Billy, get yourself a peppermint there.
- Sure this is for your pa?
- lt's for my pa, all right.

So what--
Now, what do you boys think you're doing?
What do you think you're doing in here?

Get out of my store, right now!
You're gonna have a fine time
explaining this to your pa.

Two plugs of tobacco he never seen.
l better get going.
Remember to tell your folks.
Sunday, supper at my place.

- OK.
- OK.

- Thanks.
- Take care now.

- See you on Sunday.
- OK.

Hey, Billy boy.
How you doing, you chicken?

- (imitates chicken)
- Come on.

Come on, here we go. Come on.
- Come on!
- What's going on out here?

- Come on.
- Hey, hey!

Can't you Pritchards do
nothing but make trouble?

We ain't looking
to cause trouble. Just bet.

- Bet?
- Bet.

- On what?
- Well, we got a ringtail out near our place

that no dog's been
smart enough to tree yet.

Every time they think
they got him treed, he just disappears.

Twice as big as you ever saw,
and they call him the ghost coon.

We got $5 says yours dog can't tree him.
l know my dogs can tree him,
but we don't hold to betting.

- Told you he was too chicken.
- (imitates chicken)

Wait there, whoa, whoa, hold it.
You say $5?

- $5.
- Just count Billy in on that.

- Grandpa.
- Now, you just take this. OK?

Hold onto that. You hold onto
your money, he'll hold onto his money.

But Grandpa, you said the Good Book
says a wager's a fool's argument.

The Good Book never had
to deal with no Pritchards.

This better be on the fair and square,
or l'll be talking to your pa.

Oh, it'll be fair. My pa would
beat us to a pulp if he caught us cheating.

'Bout meeting old Billy and his hounds
in our pasture today? Around sunset.