Where the Red Fern Grows

Billy, why don't you read that out?
''Ozark championship
coon hunt to be held.''

There you go.
l don't know about y'all,
but l've always been interested
in being in a real coon hunt.

Billy, all you have to do is enter old Dan
and little Ann and we're in the contest.

l told you, Grandpa.
l ain't never going hunting again.
l ain't talking about you entering,
l'm talking about entering the dogs.

Giving them dogs a chance
to prove how good they are.

Best in Oklahoma.
Do you know l made
a record of every coon he treed?

l took it over to J.B. Johnson,
down at the courthouse.

He made some kind
of notary's affidavit, or something like that.

Turns out there ain't a pair of dogs
in this county can hold a candle to his.

- That's enough, now.
- Enough?

Well, they're Billy's dogs. He worked
for 'em. lt's gotta be his decision.

Maybe l will have one more
tiny slice of that tater pie.

Then l think l need
to get started on cleaning up the dishes.

(Grandpa) Oh, no you don't.
That's Alice and me and Sarah.

We're gonna do that, aren't we, girls?
- l'll wash, and Sarah can dry.
- Maybe l wanna wash.

(Will) Maybe Billy and l can take a look at
the pump and see what's causing that leak.

(Grandpa) No, Will. No, no. Relax.
Wilkins are coming Tuesday--

l'll do it.
Grandpa's right.
Dan and Ann are the best.
They have the right to prove it.
Well, l think that settles it.
(Grandpa) All right, then.