Where the Red Fern Grows

Hey, George.
Better late than never.

You know, l think he broke this leg
just to get some attention, don't you?

l bet l could still
beat you in a footrace, Sheriff.

Bet you can.
l think it's safe to say this is
the most exciting hunt l've ever been on.

l'll say amen to that.
All right, everybody. Now we come
to the moment we've all been waiting for.

Presentation of this beautiful cup.
l don't think anybody's gonna be
surprised when l call the winner up here,

'cause this is the fourth year
in a row for this fella.

l declare the winner of the 20th
Annual Coonhound Championship

to be Hud Bellington.
Here you go, sir.

Thank you, Sheriff.
(lone applause)
Thank you, young man. That was
a sportsman-like thing for you to do.

l know how you felt
about winning this cup,

'cause l know how you feel
about your dogs,

and for good reason.
Now, about this trophy.
To be truthful, folks,
l didn't sleep real good last night.

And the reason
l didn't sleep real good is 'cause

l knew that young Coleman's
dogs here treed three coons,

in addition to the one earlier,
which would've given him
four to my dogs' three.

l also know that
he called his dogs off them coons

and abandoned them there
to go find his grandpa.

Now, l know the rul ebook states
that you're supposed to
present the skins to the judges.

But, in all honesty,
l don't want my dogs winning
a championship that wasn't theirs clear.

So l hereby declare
Billy Coleman and his fine redbones