l will never let anyone
harm you ever.

l promise.
l promise.
l promise.
Martin, l have to cover
your damn car every day.

''Cover my car. Cover my car.''

Do you like my new S-55,

M y heW oca vr M y heW M evrocedes
saW you d vroo hg ovvevr t

Uh, yes, Mr. Martin. lt's...
Do you know
why l have that car?

l'm driving that 350-horsepower,
V-8 masterpiece...

for you
and your fellow employees.

You see, buyers
feel a sense of security...

when they can see proof...
that they're dealing
with a successful man.

So, when l whip into that
parking lot behind the wheel...

of my brand-new
Mercedes AMG-class...

they'll buy from us over
the slob in the Jaguar S-type.

Do you know why l can afford
to plunk down 90,000 bucks...

for that little edge
over the competition, Willard?

Because l'm a successful man!
Because l have never been late
for work a day in my life!

Because when l come to work,
l don't show up...

in one of my dead father's
cheap suits!

Because l have never
given my boss such grief.

Maybe it wouldn't hurt you
to find out what pleases me!