Wonderful Days

I thought it was me
looking after him,

but it was the other way around
I wanted to show
him the blue sky

I'm Sorry, Zed
I'm going to ECOBAN
You don't have to come
if you don't want to

Thank you everyone
First, we need Noah's help
The Hot Dogs are now crushed,
but, Dr. Noah and
his agent remain at large

They're conspiring to bring
about ECOBAN's downfall

Let's not blame security
and waste any more time
Operation Marr is ready
With your approval,
it can proceed immediately

Expediency would be prudent
We can no longer
coexist with the Marrians

And if energy levels
fall any further,

many ECOBAN systems
will malfunction

Making it much harder to
suppress the Marrian riots

Moreover, Dr. Noah and his agent are
probably already preparing something