Except I'm not saying
anything about anything unless

- all three of us can go.
- All three of us?

- And they agreed.
- Who's all three of us?

You me and Dawn,
we can go tomorrow.

No, I'm not going
anywhere tomorrow. No.

No, Sharon, that's okay, they've got
people that can come and pack you.

No, no, no, John.
No, I am not going

into the witness protection program
with you. That's that.

- Yes.
- No.

- Yes, Sha... this is the new start...
- No. I'm not going into it.

- Listen, this is the new start...
- No, you gotta listen!

Everything that we planned
could happen now.

I don't want a fresh start
with you, John.

- Wake up!
- Oh, listen...

No, you listen,
I am through supporting you.

You think I would just leave
and never see my family again?

- Sharon...
- It's gone too far this time.

If you don't help me with this,
I am dead.

You're already dead.
This one last thing is all
I'm asking for,

you've got...
you've got to do it!

Stop it, John. Just stop it.
What? Sharon...
- Don't cry. Don't you dare cry.
- Listen, if you don't help...

That's not going to work anymore.
You think I'd go anywhere
with you after this?

Sharon, I am not going
to survive this without you. Okay?

Really? You don't think
you'll survive?

You told me you were a survivor.
Remember that? Look at how
you're surviving, John.

- Why did you come down here then?
- What choice do I have?

- What choice do I have?
- Why haven't you divorced me?

I don't know, I don't know.
Sharon, because you love me
and you want to help me.

It's too late, John. It's too late.
- Sharon, look at me.
- No.

Sharon, I know you love me,
and I love you.

Do you remember
that day 15 years ago in the bathroom

when you were
measuring yourself?

- Yes.
- Do you remember that?

Remember what you said to me?
I said that I've, I...
finally found what I wanted
to do with my life.

Uh-huh, right.
That's what you said.

Do you remember
what I said to you?

- What did I say?
- What do you want me to say?

You said that if I sold my...
- That's right. What did I say to you?
You tell me who you are.
What did I say to you?!