Wrong Turn

Oh, my God.
It's a radio.

Thing looks prehistoric.
- Do you know how to use this?
- Uh, let me try.

- It could still work.
- Don't move anything.

- Keep it on the frequency they had it on.
- It works.

Can anybody hear me? We have
an emergency. Can anybody hear me?

Say "Mayday."
Look, we have a huge emergency.
Please, does anybody hear me?

Someone is injured.
We need help.

Hello. Please, is anybody
out there that can hear me?

- Hello.
- No.

Get down.
Cover the light.

I think they're passing us.
This is Ranger Base Emergency.
Do you copy?

- What is your position? Over.
Do you copy?
What is your position? Over.

- I don't know my position. Just help us.
- Shh.!

I need another copy of that.
I repeat. What is your position?

They're coming.
We don't know our position.
We're in a watchtower.

We must be north
of Bear Mountain Road.

Someone is trying to kill us!
They've murdered our friends!
They're after us right now!

I'm having
some trouble hearing you.

If you're in the tower, stay there.
Do you copy?

Yes, we copy! Just hurry, please!
This is an emergency!

- Help me move this. Come on! Come on!
- We'll come to you.

They're after us.!
Someone's been shot.!

Our friends have been killed,
and we need help.! Please.!