A Good Woman

You're dead wrong on that.
You're very understanding.
That girl in lilac,
do you know her?

Oh, yes, it's Robert's wife.
All lovey-dovey,
very charming.

I wish she'd stop staring at me.
She isn't at all.
Those women must be
giving her an earful.

- You mustn't mind.
- I don't, as a rule.

Look, it's terribly stuffy in here,
I can hardly breathe.

Shall we go? Would you mind?
I can't think of anything
I'd mind less.

I can't believe it - she's got him!
Poor Tuppy.
Shall I get a taxi?
- Could we walk?
- Why not.

Beautiful city.
The Romans call it
"The Land of the Sirens..."

from Homer's Odyssey.
Is that so? Aren't you clever?
- I read it somewhere.
- I like a good read myself.

Nothing too laborious. I don't want
to tamper with natural ignorance.

- It's the key to happiness.
- Do you really think so?

Absolutely. Good health,
it's important, but...

ignorance is the key. Too much
knowledge and you're doomed.

Well, here we are.
Aren't you going to invite me
in for a nightcap?

The sirens were said to be
half woman, half monster.

They lured the sailors with
their songs.

The ships crashed on the
rocks and the men all drowned.