Against the Ropes

Ray, you wanna lose
your mouthpiece again?

Come on, use your jab!
Box the damn guy,
come on!

Get out of that corner!
That's it, that's my little brother!
Come on, busy hands!

Jab! Jab!
Come on, Uncle Ray.

That's it, little brother.
Come on.

He's getting to you, Ray.
Come on.

- That's it, that's it.
- Left hook.

- Once is not enough. Come on, again.
- Jab, jab.

That's it. You see what happens
when you listen to me?

- Way to go.
- Thanks.

Hey, you do not belong up here,
all right? l'm not gonna tell you again.

Go wash your hands
and make yourself invisible.

Pete, she's your daughter.
She wants to help out.

She's a midget with a head full
of stupid. Who's she gonna help, huh?

- Crisco, can l get a hand over here?
- Yeah.

On the way, Mr. K.
Come on!
Hey, do you know
who you are

out of all the girls
in the world?

l'm your favorite?
And what's she gonna do
when she grows up?

- Kick butt and break hearts.
- That's right.

The world's an oyster
and you're a pearl.