Against the Ropes

That's what Abel and LaRocca are.
They're the gum,
you're the shoe.

How come they walk all over you?
Get a little older, work a little longer,
you won't be so judgmental then.

You think l like working for idiots
who take advantage of me?

That's easy for you to say.
This is not the best job you ever had.

At least here l get to see boxing,
in person, for free.

Boxing makes
all the other shit bearable.

lf l didn't love it
as much as l do,

l'd be the first in line to bend over so
LaRocca and Abel could kiss my ass.

OK, don't get upset with me
just because you know
that l know how smart you are.

So now you think smart
is all there is to it?

That your brain can just plot the best
course and your life just goes there?

The world is not an oyster.
lt is a smelly tank
full of dirty water and sharks.

lt is not that easy to swim.
Jackie, you need to get
real about where you are,

which is stuck.
ln the basement.

You can't even see
the glass ceiling from here.

Find an elevator,
press some buttons.

At least the only way out is up.
Yo, Tyrell, wait up!
Clean towels,
we need more clean towels.

Bad break, Rex.
Bad break?
l won that fight.

Come on, you saw it.
Everybody saw it.

You would've won
if you hadn't run out of gas.

You train serious,
you could have a career.

l would've given you a draw.
You deserved a draw.