Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

I'm in.
Would Professor Black...
please make his way
to the psychiatric laboratory.

I am so excited.
OK, I'm in position.
10-4, good buddy.
10-4, good buddy?
Man, that is so "Convoy."
Hey, guys, cut it out.
There's something going on
in the lower lab.

Thank you, Santiago.
Begin the test.

The blackout gas...
lasts long enough
to clamp the jaw...

and insert the microchip
into a cavity of my choice.

What if the guy
doesn't have a cavity?

Then I make one.
High five!
It looks like
they're working on...

some sort of mental-dental
microchip thing.

Basically, there's
enough transmitted data...

in the microchip to relay
complex information...

back from the brain...
and into a simple
mobile operating system.

Rather marvelous,
don't you think?

Rather marvelous.
See for yourself.
If you planted
one of these microchips...

in your President,
for instance...

you could make him
do whatever you please.

You could use him to create
absolute mayhem back home.

this could cause total chaos.

I need to get a closer look.