Agents secrets

Tony is Corsican.He knows the
Meditteranean sea very well.

He'll bring you the materiaIs
and will part at the end.

He'll arrange so you will never be found.
You shouldn't be seen,hangin' around together.
He's your gardian angel.
Here's how the thing goes...
You must know that in Angola
the civil war has started again.

So is the arm trading.
The rebeIs took over the diamond mines.
Those mines finance their party and their army.
Basic arms supplier is Igor Lipofski.
Born in Riga in 1953.
University studies and then
partt of the Soviet air-force.

He was involved with KGB
at the end of the Cold War.

His wife is French. Two kids.
I’ll take care of it.
Goodevening Barbara.
-The baby-sitter's here! -Hello kids.
-What's in your bag? -A gift.
It’s for both of you.
They will be long asleep before 9
o'clock.They have school tomorrow.

Before they get to bed, they
must say their prayers.

Don't worry about it.
We'll play a game. You're gonna love it.