Agents secrets

That's where we meet each other.
Find a nice hotel in Casablanca.
Club Mend for bachelors?
Name,date and place of birth.
Cristof Fabian, 23d of November 1966,Paris.
-You're a twin sign. Sagitarius,first 10 days.
Right.Keep up.
We got married with Lisa in
1994 in Montre's festival.

We live in a small house at Rue Port de Neuve 20.
-Lisa's fathername? -Prestia.
She was born in Lougano. Swiss passport.
What are the names of the
cafes just round your house?

''Leo'' and ''Nautilus''.
But l never go there.OK?
Thank you.
Semtex H,powerfull explosive. Made in Chezh.
Spreading speed 7500metres per second.
Weight and density?
Just like sea water. Ten kilos.
Every wick goes off with a
small delay,for safery reasons.