Agents secrets

The purest you've got. l insist on that.
-Who do you think you're
talking to? -I’m a man of trust.

lf you got something to say, say
it. We're on the same side here.

Don't you worry. I’m doing what I have to do.
But this is my last mission.
-I don't understand. -I’m thinking
about it for a long time now.

-I can see that. -I’m serious.
So, you're actually quitting us?
You know that once you quit,
you can never come back?

I’ve thought about that too.
Well, thing again. Cover your back.
l can't wait any longer. That's my last one.
They'll hunt you down.
Let'em do as they wish. I kept my side of the deal.
What deal? We have no deal.
Slow down.
I’m bored.
I’m bored of lying to my friends,
which l almost have none, anymore.

You got any friends outside this damn job?
I wanna have kids. Before I’m 40.
You want a man and kids?
OK. Just wait 6 more months.
I must do all these now. l feel it inside.
You feel what?