With one minor...
- May l?
- You may.

Bullfighter. Another lifetime.
Don't ask.

Fifty, if she's a day.
But don't they say 50
is the new 40,

and is she not living proof?
l mean, have a look.
Beautifully preserved.

And cleavage
like the Holland Tunnel.

- Better?
- Much.

You are so right to trust Chanel.
A pair of hot-pink stilettos,

and you're good to go.
- Well, aren't you Mr Full-Service?
- We try.

- He's getting a little pissy, isn't he?
- Oh, it's fine. lt's good for him.

- Is your husband a lot older than you?
- He's not my husband.

He's wearing a wedding ring.
Well, l never said he wasn't
somebody else's husband.

- Grab the stuff from the trunk?
- You got it.

Ma'am, if you require
my services in the future.

Happy Christmas, sir. Ma'am.
Now that, my friends,
is a real woman.

Smart and sexy and...
You noticed the little flirt
going on between us, huh?

Makes me think,
if a woman like that,
of that calibre

should take notice
of a bloke like me,

then, perhaps...
Perhaps I’m selling myself
a bit short.