Alien Vs. Predator

Oh, I'm sorry.
I should've switched the flash off.

There's your magazine. Excuse me.
That's OK.
I'm documenting the trip for my boys.
This is them.

Jacob and Scotty.
Would you mind taking a picture?
Thank you.

Just wanna show them
that their dad wasn't always so boring.

- Smile.
- OK.

- There you go.
- Thank you.

I'm Graeme Miller. I'm a chemical engineer.
Alexa Woods,
environmental technician and guide.

- Do you work for Weyland?
- Oh, no.

No, I split my time between working
for a small environmental group

and taking scientists
on expeditions on the ice.

Lex. Buckle up.
We're gonna hit some turbulence.

Thanks, Jack.
- Is he a friend of yours?
- Of my dad's.

He trained most of the pilots here.
- Just passed the PSR.
- Oh, damn. I wish I'd got a picture.

- Of what?
- The PSR.

I wish he'd called it out before we passed it.
The PSR is the point of safe return.
It means we've used up half our fuel,
so we can't turn back.

Right, but if something went wrong,
we could land, presumably.

- We could ditch.
- Yeah. Ditch.

But the temperature of the water
would kill us in three minutes.

Welcome aboard, everybody. Please.
Some of you may be wondering
why this team has been assembled.

Your host will give you the answer now.