Alien Vs. Predator

Mr. Weyland.
Seven days ago, one of my satellites
over Antarctica hunting for mineral deposits

discovered a sudden heat bloom
beneath the earth, which outlined this.

The red lines indicate solid walls.
Through thermal mapping, we've generated
a three-dimensional image of the structure.

It's massive, containing hundreds of rooms,
all built around a central core.

My experts tell me it's a pyramid.
What they can't agree on
is who built it and when.

One expert tells me this has features
reminiscent of the Aztecs.

Another tells me it's probably Cambodian.
What they all agree on is that
the smooth side is definitively Egyptian.

- I think your experts are right.
- Which one?

- All of them.
- Meaning what, exactly?

This pyramid contains
the features of all three cultures.

This might be the first pyramid ever built.
- But built by whom?
- By the first civilization.

Thank you.
But how could anyone possibly
build a pyramid out here?

Ancient maps show Antarctica free of ice.
- It's likely the continent was once habitable.
- I can't tell you who built it.

But if I could take a sample from it,
I can tell you how old it is.

Dr. Miller, I'm offering
to put you right next to this thing.

- What caused the heat bloom?
- I don't know.

- Where exactly on the ice is this?
- Bouvetoya Island.

But it's not on the ice. It's 2,000ft below it.