What'll we talk about?
Shall we move?
- No. How's Ezra?
- Lousy.

- Shall we move?
- No.

It's OK. He's gone.
You're ashamed for me.
What's happening to you?
You have to stop it.

What's going on?
It's not like you.

I don't know
if I'm all right, or not...

It's an obsession.
All I want is him.

I want him. All the time.
I obey him,
he can do what he wants with me.

Sometimes he says he loves me,
so I stay in there.

You're lucky
you don't live there.

Why do you say that?
Because it reminds me of a movie.
It was called Back Street :
A girl falls in love
with her boss,

he buys her an apartment
in a back street,

to come visit her.
One day he stops coming.

And she spends her life waiting
for him to come back,
alone in the apartment,
in that dead end.

- Why bring that up?
- I forgot the ending, not the pain.

I never saw that movie.
Odd that he was here.
What did you think of him?
He's not old at all.
It's because he's bald.
He's your age.
- My age?
- Yes.

OK, so he is.
Come on, let's leave.
This place is awful.
I don't like it here.

He may come back. Let's go.
Come on, Gabi.
Come on.
You coming?
This outfit suits us, no?