Along Came Polly

Hey, Lois.
The room looks beautiful.

Oh, thanks. And all the candles
have been replaced...

with these mini-lamps you asked for,
so now no more fire hazard.

Hey, did we sanitize these things?

- The best man is in the house! Ohh!
- Oh!

- Oh, my God.!
- Sandy, you okay?

Jorgé, ice.
The best man went down.

Dance floor's like a Slip 'N Slide, dude.
l thought l told them not to wax this.

Twenty-three percent of the guests
are over 7 0.

l don't want anyone breaking a hip.
Okay. Don't worry.
l'm gonna take care of it.

All right. l analyze risk for a living.
lt's my job to worry.

Okay, let me do the worrying
'cause you gotta get married.

l'm good.
You got my note that
Harry Bard at table seven
is violently allergic to seafood?

Yes. His chicken will go
nowhere near the fish.

We're putting the finishing touches
on the cake.
This looks great. Lisa's gonna love it.

Hit me, dude.
Hey, aren't you that kid
from Crocodile Tears?

That's right. l'm Sandy Lyle.
Man, l saw that movie in high school.
That bagpipe scene,
that was the funniest shit, man.

We had a good time on that picture.
You want an autograph?

Ah, no, thanks.
lt's good to see you, man.

l thought you died,
like, 1 5 years ago.

Ah. Nah.
l'm very much alive, my friend.

l've been doing a lot of stage acting.
Getting back to my roots.

- Sandy, we should get going 'cause--
- They're making an
E.! True Hollywood Story on me,

so that should clear up
a lot of your questions.

So they're really doing
one of those shows about your life?

Yeah. l got a camera crew
following me around
the next few weeks.

lt's gonna be huge.
Wow. That's cool.

Reuben. Two-minute warning.
Lisa's on her way down.
Okay, thanks.

Look, Reuben.

Now, l'm asking you this because
you're my oldest friend in the world.

And l'm your wingman.

Okay. What?
Are you sure you wanna do this?
Sandy, there's not a doubt
in my mind.

Okay? l found the perfect woman.
We're totally in love.
My life's working out
just like l planned.

Let's go get married.

- [ Glass Breaks ]
- Mazel tov.!

Go on. Kiss each other.