Aneun yeoja

First I took him to a hotel
For me to lift and carry
a man of his size
was not easy

So I had to put him in a box
In the room
I just stared at him vacantly

He didn't snore
or move around

I don't know if
he could tell I was there

There was so much
I wanted to say

and so much I wanted to hear
But with the words
all stuck in my throat

all I could say was
You have no bad mannerisms
That was it
He seemed somewhat
annoyed at my comment
Waking up to a strange woman
talking about him that way
He seemed offended
Why does nothing
come out the way I wish?
His sad face keeps
coming to my mind

Is there any way I can
make him feel better?
He said he lost his phone...
What's your problem?
Why are you doing this?
Are you playing with me?
I think this story deserves
a mobile phone, huh?

That's right
but what do you think?

Is this love?
It could be one-sided love
or it may just be compassion
Seems like compassion to me
Anyway, Miss Writing Princess
we'll send you
a mobile phone

We hope that next time you can
cheer him up and speak better
I wanted to
give you that present

The mobile phone
from the station

You don't have one