Aneun yeoja

don't have a death wish...
You think that's why
I'm doing this?

I want to live too!
Look, you guys
You... one, two
three, four...

Why are there so damned many?
You nine guys!

Are you a baseball team?
You guys are doing this
in order to live well

But I'm getting a loan
'cause I'm gonna die

You guys are waving guns around
'cause you wanna live

What about me?
I have no choice
but to die!

So I'm mortgaging my home
so what?

Do you know what love is?
But why did you do it
in such a big group?

We heard that once
8 people had done it

We thought we'd try to
set a new record

You talked a lot
with the man

who came for a loan?
We were just listening
First he started
talking about the loan

Then what did he start
yelling about?

Something in
black and white?

Then what? He started
going on about love

From then on it was mostly
talk about love

Then I said
what's so great about love?

You meet a woman
ask her name

Once you know her name
you start loving her

Then you ask her age
and her favorite food...