Aneun yeoja

Try some of this, too
Damn, that's salty
The game's on...
You don't know
baseball at all?

If you get to there
it's one point?

You go to 2nd and 3rd
then come back

Can you run straight from
1st base to 3rd?

No, they'll yell at you
That guy's got much better
Is he good?
That's not so hard
If you catch
that hit ball...

- The fielder?
- Yes

If the fielder
catches it...

A ground ball?
Yes, if you catch
a ground ball

and chuck it into the crowd
what happens?

- Not to first base?
- Yeah

if you just chuck it
into the crowd

Chuck it...
You can't do that
But, why would
you throw it there?

Just for fun
Can't you?

You can't
You don't know anything
I'd love to see that
That'd be fun
The game's finished