Around the Bend

You see that screaming woman?
She is the mother of that bloody person.

Family is important at death.
-Good night, Katrina.
-Good night.

-Papa Henry's drumming again.
-Come on.

Hey, Dad?
Are we gonna make Papa Henry
into a mummy when he dies?

Did he tell you that?
No, we're not gonna make him
into a mummy, Zach.

Are we gonna stuff him?
-What do you want?

Come out of there.
A priest wore that 1 000 years ago.
-Where'd you get it?
-I stole it.

Stole it right out of the goddamn ground.
That's what an archeologist does.

Can we not advocate theft until
he's at least old enough to drive, please?

Nonsense. Some things
want to be stolen.

The Lair family have a history
of thievery, Zach.

It's nothing to be ashamed of.
Now, banking,
there's a shameful occupation.

Jason. Can I see you?
What is it?
Your father is downstairs.
He wants to cross threshold.