Around the Bend

And that's why we're not
opening the bag out here.

Excuse me.
Excuse me. Hey.
-We're closed.
-Yeah. Can I talk to you for a second?

-The registers are closed.
-We don't need it.

Look, I'll give you 100 bucks
for three drumsticks.

I'm sorry.
-I say we make an exception.

-Look, we're just gonna skip one meal.

Why not?
The place doesn't open until 11.

We're here. Let's get it over with.
What is the big deal?

The big deal,
it's not what Henry wanted.

You don't wanna be here,
I'll take you back.

-I didn't say I didn't wanna be here.
-Then act like it.

You think you're the only one
whose life got interrupted by this.

I need this about as much
as I need a bullet in my head.

I don't know about you, but Henry
never asked me to do a thing...

:39:01 his entire life, and he asked me
to do this, and I'm doing it!

Not your way or my way, but his way.
Are we gonna stop or are we
gonna sleep in the van?

I gotta pee.