Art Heist

- I don't know. There's a lot of work to do.
- Come on.

A nice dinner. Some good vino.
We'll talk about old times. Just talk.

I can't believe you brought me here.
- I hoped it would bring back fond memories.
- It does.

- It's hard to believe it's been 10 years.
- Yeah.

I keep expecting
to run into Claudio or Miranda.

- Did I mention Tonia became a hairdresser?
- No.

We had a lot of fun, Daniel.
We're all scattered all over the world.
None of us paint anymore.

You were so good. Why did you stop?
Now that you mention it,
I think you're right. I was.

No. But not great.
But no regrets. I love teaching.
Besides, you were the one with real talent.

- No.
- What happened?

Family. Career.
Are you happy at least?
I was, at first. Very.
But lately, Bruce and I
have been having problems.

It's tough for a New York police officer.
He sees reality on the street every day...
and how can he understand
something as ethereal as art?

And how do I explain to him
that it's not just a hobby?

It's something you do
with all of your heart...

or not at all.
We've been separated
for about a month now.

Well, I'm very sorry.
Look, Sandra.