Art Heist

The owner reported it stolen
from a disco in Sitges three days ago.

Maximov must have had those men
follow her from the yacht.

- You've got to bring him in, Inspector.
- We've filed for a search warrant.

To arrest him now without evidence
would devastate our case.

- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?

You're sorry.
This is over. You understand?
You wanna put yourself in danger,
that's fine...

I'm not gonna let you
put our daughter at risk.

- Come on.
- She was safe in New Jersey.

If anyone has put her in danger, it's you.
Sandra is right.
Now that Maximov's men have seen her,
Alison could be in jeopardy.

Perhaps you should go home.
Perhaps you should
stick to the paintbrushes.

- Where are you going?
- We'll be at the hotel.

Mr. And Mrs. Vidal, nice to see you.
Thank you for coming.

This is my wife Ana.
Hello, Ana.
And my daughter, Gabriela.
- Hello.
- Very beautiful.

- Good to see you, Mr. And Mrs. Puig.
- You've met my wife Ana?

Yes. How are you? It's been such a...