Banlieue 13

For fucking sake I need 2 well educated guys.
We need to grab them straight from Uni,
where these fuckers dont even know what a school is.

Benito, in France there are 6 milion people unemployed.
Just find me 2 normal guys.
No problem, I'll get onto it.
Do I have to get the door myself?
This is what I'm saying.
Number 5 is the winner!
Place your bets.
/- You haven't forgotten?
/ - I remember.

At the end of the week, as promised.
He really hits the bottom,
no shame or conscience.

He own us big money
and he has the balls to show his face here.

A lack of a proper upbringing, tackless.
Follow me.
How are things, Ragbi.
- Everything alright, Sam?
- well, not at the moment.

whats the matter?
- Problems with the police again?
- These two have been standing there for two hours.

Choosing a tin of tuna.
- They are Pimps.
- Pimps? So what are they doing in the fish section ?

Nothing. There waiting until 2:00,
thats when the whores have a coffee break by the machines.

You arrive at 1.10 and presto...
...Whats been happening on the streets.
- Who the fuck is that?
- Pimps, but not after tinned tuna.

- What else?
- There are not that many, but its like someones informed them.

at the same time, when we move the cash.
- What you saying?
- 500.000 straight up, Crazy sum.

if you snitch to the police,
you can easily earn yourself 10 %.

- How do you know?
- It's my job.