Banlieue 13

/112-in the van.
Let me go, Let go!
Fucking let go!
/263-in the van.
You cock sucking, wet tampon.
- How's you?
- Super.

That fucker thought,
he could treat me like that.

I'm off.
The doors dont open that easy.
My friend, you obviously dont know me.
They call me Phantom.
Phantom ain't doing an 8 year stretch
no sire.

- What you in for?
- I killed 5 guys.

But the main guy got away from me.
What did he do to you?
He killed my dad and brothers.
I wont let up until he's dead.

I'm gonna hit borough 13
and wipe that motherfucker out.

- Thats where he lives?
- Yeah, and that is where he will die .

- Whats his name?
- Taha, you heard of him?

I wanted to be friends a long time ago
but I regret it now.

He lives in a bunker , a whole army around him.
Motherfucker's got some weird bitch with him all the time.
- Who's this?
- Some drugged up girl that he keeps on a lease.