Before Sunset

Did I answer your question?
I'll try to be more specific...
Were there ever a French young
woman on the train you met,

and... spent an evening with?
See, to me, that...
that's not important, you know?
So that's a "yes".
All right, since I'm in France
and this is last stop in
my book tour,

Mr. Wallace,
the book ends on an
ambiguous note.

We don't know!
Do you think they get back
together in six months,

like they promise each other?
Like they promised, uh...
I think I answered that. You know, it's...
It's a good test.
Right? If you're a romantic
or a cynic.

I mean, you think...
you think they get back together,

you don't, for sure,
and you hope they do,
but, you know, youÂ’re not sure

so you're asking the question.
And... do you think
they get back together?

I mean, did you, in real life?
Did I real...
Look, see, in the words
of my grandfather, ok...

to answer that,
would take the piss
out of the whole thing.

Oh, no...
We just have the time
for one last question.

What is your next book?
I don't know, man,
I don't know...

I've been...
I've been thinking about this...
Well, I always kind of wanted
to write a book

that all took place within
the space of a pop song,

you know, like 3 or 4 minutes long.
The story, the idea is that...
there's this guy.
he's totally depressed!
I mean, his great dream was to be
a lover, an adventurer,
you know, riding motorcycles
through South America,

and instead he's sitting
at a marble table,

eating lobster,
and he's got a good job
and a beautiful wife, right.