Before Sunset

Where did I do that?
I didn't do that.

Maybe it's just me
You know...

Reading something knowing that
the character in the story is based on you...

it's both flattering and disturbing
at the same time.

How is it disturbing?
I don't know, just...
being part of someone else's memory.

Seeing myself through your eyes.
How long did it take
you to write it?

Uhm, 3 or 4 years, on and off.
Wow, that's a really long time
to be writing about one night!

Yeah, I know, tell me about it.
I always assumed you
had forgotten me.

No, I had a pretty clear picture
of you in my mind.

I have to tell you something.
- I just...
- What?

I wanted to talk to you for so long,
you know, now that...

- Yeah, me too
-'s just so real, you know,

I feel I can't get anything
out of my mouth.

I know, I know, how long do we have?
20 minutes and 30 seconds?

Let's go!
No, we got more than that.

I wanna know about you.
Tell what are you doing...
you know, what are you up to?

Uhm, where to start...
I work for Green Cross.

- It's an environmental organization.
- What are they all about?

Well, we basically work on
different environment issues,

from clean water to
disarmament of chemical weapons.

You know, international laws
that deal with the environment.

And, and, what do you do for them?
We're going this way.

Uhm, different things.
Like last year,
I was in India for quite a while,

working on a water treatment plant.
- Wow!
- Well, yeah, the cotton industry there

is a major source of
pollution, so...

I mean, this sounds like you're
actually doing something, you know,

I mean, most people,
myself included, just...

sit around and bitch, you know,
America's consuming all the world resources,
SUVs suck, global warming is real...

You know, I'm really relieved
you're not one of those

Freedom Fries kind of Americans.
Hey, you know...
But, how did you get into that?

Ah, I came out of political science
and I was hoping to work
for the government.

And I did, for a while... eh, terrible!
- Not good?
- Yeah, no.

Anyway, I got really tired...
let's go this way

... of having those endless
conversations with friends

about how the world is falling to pieces.
So I decided what I really wanted to do
was to find things that could be fixed,
and try to fix them, you know?