Before Sunset

Oh, ok, not now.
If not now, when?
You want to meet here
in six months, with a guitar?

You know, I'll fly all they way over here,
you may or may not make the metro...

Ok, that's...
that's funny.

We've got to get going
back to the bookstore!

You'll miss your flight.
Come on, let's go!

- All right, all right.
- We can walk down La Sennes.

It's a nice thing.
So, you're flying back to New York?
Yeah, yeah.
So I read in that article that
you're married, with a kid.

That's great!
Yeah, he's... he's...
He's 4.
Uhum, what's his name?
Little Hen,
he's so much fun.
Oh, wow,
I'm sure!

And, your wife,
what does she do?

She teaches elementary school.
Do you have kids?
Yes, two.
Hih, shit!
- What?
- I left them in the car!

With the windows up,
it was 6 months ago...

No, I'm kidding...
No, but... I want to have kids someday,
I'm just not ready, yet.

Yeah, I'm in a good relationship, though.
- Oh, yeah? That's good.
- Yeah.

What's he do?
He's a photo journalist,
he does war coverage.
He's away a lot, which in a way is
good for me, because I'm so busy...

Yeah, but isn't it dangerous?
I mean, aren't a lot of this guys
getting killed this days?

He promises me he
doesn't take risks.

But I often worry,
he goes in this trance when he
starts to photograph some things.

What do you mean?
Well, once we were in New Delhi
and we pass a bum,
that was lying down the sidewalk,

- A bump?
- A bum!

A homeless...
- A bum, all right.
Anyway, like,
he looked like he needed help,
but his first reaction
was to photograph him!

He went, like, really close to his face,
fixing his collar, to make it look better.
He was like totally
detached from the person.

Yeah, but you can act to be
like that, to be good at that job.

Yeah, I mean, I'm not...
you know, I'm not...
I'm not judging him for it,

you know, what he does is
essential and incredible.

All I'm saying is that
I could never do it.

Let's get on that boat!
- Come on!
- No!
- No, come on, it will be fun!

You don't have time!
We gotta go.

It's just about to take off.
Look, I've got... I've got...

15 more minutes...
Do you have a cell phone?

- Yeah.
- Look, I got that...

that driver guy's number,
and I can call him, and then they...

... pick us up at where ever
they stop this.

- Ok, I've never been on this boats,
it's for tourists, it's embarrassing!

Ok, all right.