Being Julia

no, there's nothing left for me now
but to tour Canada and Australia,
god help me.
nonsense, miss Lambert.
it's not nonsense.
I've decided to retire
and let myself go.

I'll have potatoes for lunch
and potatoes for dinner.

beer. god, I love beer!
and treacle pudding and
cherry tart and cream.

cream, cream, cream, cream, cream...
as god is my judge,
I'll never eat a lettuce leaf again.
oh, god, I bet I know who that is.
good afternoon, Evie.
oh, Mrs. de vries, what a surprise.
uh, I hope this isn't inconvenient
but I have to see miss Lambert
on a business matter.
she isn't having one
of her afternoon naps,

is she?
wait a minute.
guess who's here.
show her in.
business, she says, but isn't it funny
how she always manages
to time her visits

when you're lying stark bollock naked.
enough of that, you dirty-minded slut.
show her in.
Mrs. de vries.
Julia, darling.
dolly, dear. hmm.
oh, I'm so sorry.
I always seem to call when
you're--you're otherwise engaged.

tea? lovely.
ignore me. I'll--I'll just
sit here quiet as a lamb

until you're done.
so Evie said
something about business. hmm?
what? oh, yes.
um, Michael tells me you
want to close the play.

my husband's a devious little runt.
oh, that's unfair.
he was perfectly right to consult me.
we're partners. the 3 of us.