Being Julia

hmm, am I late or were you early?
the curtain goes up sharp at 8:00.
I hate getting to a
play after it's begun.

remind me, uh,
what's the name of the actress
we're going to see tonight?

Avice Crichton. you met her.
she came to lunch at Taplow.
we even fought over her. did we?
mmm. I don't remember.
I can't wait to hear
what you think of her.

she's so nervous knowing
you're gonna be out front.

you know, these performances are like
rehearsals, but I said you'd understand.

bottoms up.
I had a letter from Roger.
he's having a fine old
time. he's in Rome now.

oh, yeah? she's awfully pretty.
who are we talking about now?
Avice Crichton.
yeah, she's got a great
figure. and she's very fair.

what with platinum and peroxide,
there's no lack of blondes these days.
hers is natural.
I wonder how you know that.
keep the pace, Julia, don't rush it.
nice and easy.
god, this is undrinkable.
he'll have to make a fresh pot.
Julia, please don't.
we'll be late.
the first few minutes don't matter.
but I said we'd be there on the dot.
she's got a very good scene
right at the beginning.

I'm sorry, but I can't
go without my coffee.

Wilson, can you make a fresh pot?
this tastes of bitter aloes.
what time did the
doctor say he was coming?

any moment now.
which one's Avice?
the pretty one.
oh, Cynthia,
I do hope he will be able to help me.
"he's meant
to be a miracle worker."

he's meant to be a miracle worker.
I do so want to see again, Cynthia.